Mezzanine Floor

Modular Mezzanine shelving and racking is mainly used for storage and order picking of non-palletized goods, bins, cartons or other storage units containing small parts and components and for bulk storage. The modular system accepts numerous accessories which can also be added later on. Designed to suit diverse requirements, these accessories allow storing of almost all goods.

Possible variants are: Modular Mezzanine Shelving Racks, Single or Modular Mezzanine Racks at Ground and Plain Mezzanine at the top for office or Modular Mezzanine Plain Mezzanine.

Modular Mezzanine shelving and racking provides good space utilization which directly results in multiplication of the available floor space and reduced order processing times as additional level allow creating extra order picking aisles, storage, manufacturing and area for assembly or office. Stairs are an integral part of the system and material lift can be used as an option to connect the walkways on different tiers. Racks can be provided with plain shelving or flow shelving for FIFO system.

Design is modular. No welding required.
They are quick, clean and easy to install.
They can be complemented with a variety of shelving systems.
Platform and goods lifts can also be incorporated to facilitate the movement of goods from one level to another.
They can be completely disassembled, all parts can be reused, and their structure, size or location can be easily be modified.
The wide range of sizes, floor types and construction systems mean the mezzanines can be adapted to meet specific client needs.
The mezzanine design must take into account the access ways, work system, the product and handling methods so that such elements as stairs, handrails, and loading and unloading zones can be accurately planned.


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Incorporated in the year 1998, we, Spanco Storage Systems, are a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of storage systems. These are appreciated for features such as durability, high performance and rigid construction. Further, our range can be customized in various sizes, shapes & designs to meet the client's specific requirements.

Light Duty Racking

Light Duty Racks are ideal for a variety of applications including offices, cool rooms, retail environments and storage areas...

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Medium Duty Racking

Medium Duty Racking is a strong, durable, versatile and economical shelving system that minimises lost space .

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Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

A conventional pallet racking warehouse is generally laid out with single-entry wall racks ..

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Mezzanine Floor

Modular Mezzanine shelving and racking is mainly used for storage and order picking of non-palletized goods..

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Multi-Tier Structures

Multi-Tier shelving and racking is mainly used for storage and order picking of non-palletized goods..

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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is specially designed to store long or varying length items, such as metal beams...

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Mobile Compactor

Spanco Mobile Compactors are designed for use in places where there are limitations on available space....

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Display Racks

Display racks would serve the purpose only if the displayed items are exhibited properly...

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Pipe & Joint Systems

Simple concept design that helps you to align your material handling structure...

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Plastic Pallet Applications

General use for factories and warehouses Suitable for racking & flat stacking...

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High Density Poly Pallet

High-Density Poly Pallets Reinforced with Steel Sections for Heavy Loads...

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